New mu online season 17 updates have been installed, check out more about muonline s17 below:

- Mu online golden sentence now in pieces of 10
- Reduced PvP slayer damage vs lancer 
- Added all missing socket sets/weapons and shields to selupan boss drop

- Fixed muonline selection of language display issues
- Fixed inability to close the personal store
- Fixed occasional visual issues after reconnecting
- Fixed Chaos Blade skill attack base dependency type from Energy to Strength
- Fixed Notice System announcing every item pick up
- Fixed inability to move by the leader to party member using party system
- Fixed Tormented Square notify when the event is OFF
- Fixed Gens Warps / Zones are not set correctly
- Fixed Strong Belief & Solid Protection buff cancel
- Fixed selection of mastery item mixes
- Fixed muonline season 17 Strike of Destruction Enhancement skill 3rd and 4th barrage issue
- Fixed mu online season 17 Set Items over index 255 do not apply for benefits
- Fixed JoL option for Lemuria/Kundun 1st wings
- Fixed BattleCore queue issue
- Added Autumn (Maple Leaf) Event
- Added "Maintain Party System" - once created party will be maintained and restored for up to 30 days (length config to be added in later releases)
- Fixed "Wizardry +%" option not being calculated properly for selected items of Lemuria Mage and Light Wizard
- Fixed Unleash Marvel skill deducts caster HP issue
- Fixed Unleash Marvel skill damage count issue
- Fixed Enhancement (4th) Dragon Violent skill range
- Fixed Enhancement (4th) Focus Shot Splash damage
- Fixed muonline s17 Rage Fighter two claws bonus calculation
- Fixed Pierce Attack and Bat Flock skills attack range issues
- Fixed character "custom ranks" position issue
- Fixed camera reset position defaults
- Fixed Chaos Blade skill formulas in Lua scripts

- Added support for Mastery Shields in Mysterious Stone upgrade system
- Added lacking monsters to DG Event (GC, LM, LW)
- Fixed missing configuration of Lucky Item Tickets 
- Fixed Beginner Bless and Magic Mastery skills
- Fixed "Wizardry % Inc" option on selected item types
- Fixed Anger Blow 4th skill add point
- Fixed harmony options disappear (visually) after the use of Teleport
- Fixed Chanel Change system displays a list of servers players do not meet the requirements of
- Fixed MasteryItemMixdefault config
- Fixed inability to use Elf buffs on LW and LM characters
- Fixed Mu Online Minor security issue's

Posted 03 / 01 / 2022 By MuAdmin


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