We have updated white mu online season 17 with extra custom items and proper hotfixes. Therefore it's required to redownload our new patched muonline season 17 client. 


Mu online s17 fixlist:

- Resolved some filter issue's
- Added new sets & wings
- Added new ancient options
- Updated x-shop items
-- xShop earth seed added
-- Special box GP & Wcoins
-- Added 1 day vip
- Rathian-bosses drops special-box-I aswell
- Wings of conquer / angel / power can be equipped by all classes and can contian 4th wings options
- Fixed some minor security issue's
- Fixed Labyrinth event entry group info not displayed properly
- Fixed Monster Soul info disappear (visually) after character relog
- Fixed Old Kethotum monster exp
- Changed items drop for Red Smoke Icarus map
- Fixed Steel Armor skill of third tree not working
- Fixed item sale price for selection of items, e.g. excellent socket pendants
- Fixed selected muun option not increase elemental damage/defense
- Fixed LemuriaMageDefense
- Fixed Mastery Pentagram Options decreasing ATK/DMG
- Fixed game client stuck upon particular case of Lemuria character reset
- Fixed Guardians do not lose HP during exp
- Fixed required ingredients for Cloak of Innocence mix
- Fixed Slayer MST skills (Weapon, Min/Max ATK Increase)



Download below our new updated client


P.S. You can use the auto-update as well, but it will take a while.

Posted 11 / 01 / 2022 By MuAdmin


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